The Godfather (Catfish)

The Godfather, the Don, the King! Whatever this man commands any member of the family must obey. The Godfather makes all of the important decisions and has more power and wealth than multiple countries combined.

The Boss (Puffer fish)

Bosses are second in command, the most loyal and closest members to the Godfather. They are the mouthpiece for the Don, ensuring he keeps his power and wealth.

Loan Shark

Loan Sharks are responsible for lending money at extremely high interest rates to fund our operation. They keep track of delinquent accounts and send out muscle when it’s time to collect.

Assassin (Swordfish)

Assassin’s are the most highly specialized killers in the entire mafia. They aren’t used for everyday hits, Assassin’s whack high members of competing gangs or high ranking officials who don’t comply with the Don’s requests.