Mint a Free Based Fish Agent for Every Wire You Hold!

There is a gas cost associated with minting each agent and burning the Based Fish Mafia Wire in your account so it’s best to mint when gas is low.

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1,870 Based Fish Agents can be Minted

Eliot Loch-Ness

Mr Callaby has created brand new traits and remastered versions from the original collection. This limited collection of only 1,870 has 130+ traits making it incredibly diverse! There are also 10 1/1 Fish done by Callaby himself known as the “Notorious Agents” should you be lucky enough to roll one of these it would be wise to hold on.

Melvin Pufferfish

There are equal amount of Based Fish Mafia Wires to Based Fish Agents. Those holding Based Fish Mafia Wires can choose to hold their wire, mint, or sell later.


We are excited to see what our holders plan to do with their wires and agents as we conclude the Based Fish Mafia Wire VRF Airdrop and the Mafia begins an endless battle with its nemesis, the Based Fish Agents!

© Ownership of a Based Fish Mafia or any derivative collection grants CCO rights to the holder.