The Aquarium is a collection of animated Based Fish. Acquired through our Animation Token drops.


Notorious Fish Mafia is a 1/1 collection of the most exclusive and high-ranking members of Based Fish Mafia.


Growing collection of undead Based Fish acquired from events like the Coral Reef Massacre and more to come.


Join our gang of 10,000 original Based Fish Mafia NFTs. You can purchase them now on the secondary:

Each Based Fish is unique including 11 entirely different species with customized traits fitting for each! Your Based Fish will grant you membership to the Family, allowing you access to the perks listed in our road map!



We are not all equal in the Mafia. Organized crime needs structure, do what the boss says or there could be consequences. There are 11 unique species of fish, and 8 different member classes. Which member of our family will you mint?

  • The Godfather (Catfish)

    The Godfather, the Don, the King! Whatever this man commands any member of the family must obey. The Godfather makes all of the important decisions and has more power and wealth than multiple countries combined.

  • The Boss (Puffer fish)

    Bosses are second in command, the most loyal and closest members to the Godfather. They are the mouthpiece for the Don, ensuring he keeps his power and wealth.

  • Loan Shark

    Loan Sharks are responsible for lending money at extremely high interest rates to fund our operation. They keep track of delinquent accounts and send out muscle when it's time to collect.

  • Assassin (Swordfish)

    Assassin's are the most highly specialized killers in the entire mafia. They aren't used for everyday hits, Assassin's whack high members of competing gangs or high ranking officials who don't comply with the Don's requests.

  • Hitman (Anglerfish)

    Professional murder for pay. These members of the Mafia have one job, take out anyone who gets in the way. They will accomplish their task by any means necessary and are highly trained in both ranged & close combat.

  • Caporegime (Lion, Barracuda, Tiger Fish)

    'El Capitan' (Captain's) of large schools of soldier fish. Capo's can order soldiers to do anything they ask. Caporegime take orders directly from the Boss.

  • Soldier (Clown & Koi Fish)

    Soldiers are the lowest ranking members of the family. The Wiseguy's of the group that do the grunt work down here, which involves killin a whole lotta fish. Being a made fish means no one can mess with you.

  • Associate (Goldfish)

    Associates aren't members of the family but they must do what we tell em.. drive us bigger fish around, act as body guards, collect the money. Not following a made fish's orders is a quick way to end up six leagues under.


You represent the family, ditch those rags and get yourself something nice. Our family wardrobe is stocked with over 160 unique styles of clothing, hats, eyes, mouths, necklaces, fins (weapons), ties, and backgrounds. Our fish stand out with our unique structure of 11 base species that can be completely customized with our large trait selection. Will you be a high ranking boss with a gold pistol? An associate ready to fight with a baseball bat? A capo with a gold grill and tommy gun? Or maybe you’ll get lucky enough to roll the one and only Godfather himself and lead our mafia to glory throughout the seas! 

Leave the cannoli, take the gun

No mafia is complete without an armory of weapons at their disposal.  You better get yourself some protection! We will outfit you with one of our large selection of weapons from knives & baseball bats, to pistols & tommy guns, and so much more. Not everyone can be an enforcer though, we may need you to deliver some briefcases filled with cash or contraband.



Based Fish Mafia Launch

August 26th (subject to change)

Based Art Prints & 1/1 Hand Drawings (25% Minted)

When 25% of Based Fish Mafia sells out, we will hold a fine art print drawing for holders of the first 2,500 mints. 500 winners will be selected and given a fine art print of one of the eleven fish species. Fine art prints will be signed and embossed by our professional artist Mr. Callaby.

We will also hold an exclusive drawing for the first 1,000 mints to receive a hand drawing of a Based Fish Mafia. 50 winners will be selected!


Based Fish Canvas Art + SuperRare NFT (50% Minted)

At 50% of Based Fish Mafia sold we will hold drawings for an original BFM themed canvas art piece that is paired with an NFT version on SuperRare.

SuperRare NFT will be minted on Callaby's account here:

The SuperRare NFT that's accompanied with Canvas art will be a mix of his original works & custom Based Fish Mafia art.


"Notorious Fish Mafia" Project (75% Minted)

75% we will begin development on “Notorious Fish Mafia” which will include interactive games such as heists, drug deals, hits, and more to unlock and win Notorious Fish Mafia 1/1s


Only based fish mafia members can participate. Higher ranking members will have more perks and eligible for more contests.


Based Fish Deadpool (100% sold out)

"Hit" contests will involve burning a Based Fish Mafia NFT by sending it into our Deadpool. Fish sent into the Deadpool can never be reclaimed, users who burn their Based Fish Mafia NFT will receive a zombie version of their Based Fish.

The objective of sending your Based Fish into the Deadpool is never to just receive a zombie version, the hit contest involves sending as many Based Fish into the Deadpool as possible before the contest ends. Winners will be eligible to receive 1/1 "Notorious Fish Mafia" NFTs & 1/1 collaborations from select NFT artists!

Zombie version is a consolation prize for participating in the event. 

The Deadpool will be a burn address we do not have control of. Details on contests & games for heists, drug deals, & more coming soon. 





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